As every quarter, our engineering team is working toward one, ambitious goal—get another release out the door and make MANTA better and more functional than before. And they did it again! Here’s the overview of what our developers have been working on the past three months.

New Scanner—Google BigQuery

We are happy to add another cloud solution to the list of our scanners. MANTA is now offering analysis capabilities for Google BigQuery, a cloud database solution. 

Manta technology callout 2021 google BQ

We have also added improvements to the existing scanners. In addition to corrections and performance improvements, we added support for Microsoft SQL Server’s OPENQUERY command, which enables our users to use Microsoft access technology to reach out to other systems, pull data from other databases, and combine it with a query in Microsoft SQL Server.

If you are a customer or partner, check our release notes for the list of all scanners enhancements. 

Support for Containers—Docker

To ensure the flexibility of and mobility of applications (especially when embarking on the cloud journey) we see our customers use container technology more and more. To respond to their needs, we are adding support for container technology, starting with Docker. It’s an important step we are taking toward full cloud readiness and MANTA’s availability on popular cloud platforms. 

Admin User Interface Improvements

We are continuously working on improving MANTA’s admin user interface capabilities. In previous releases, we introduced logging and process management that continue to evolve. 

In this release, we are adding a logging interface to almost all of our scanners which will significantly simplify user’s ability to understand what’s happening during MANTA’s scanning process. This new logging facility allows users to easily search, examine, and review the generate logs directly in the browser, which translates to a better support experience and easier and faster adoption of MANTA in an organization.

Release32 Presentation edit 5
Log Management Is Now Mainstream!

We are also adding new workflow capabilities for a streamlined user experience. Users can now create their own customized workflows, which means that they can choose what Scanners and other MANTA functions they would like to run, and in what order. With custom workflows, users can tailor MANTA to their specific needs without having to set up processes each time. 

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Assisted Workflow Designer

We hope you will find all the new features and enhancements to the existing solutions useful and that they will elevate your MANTA experience. Stay tuned—we are already working on the next release to bring you even more improvements.

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