Keep Your Data Pipelines Healthy

Untangle complex data pipelines for streamlined regulatory compliance, cloud migrations, DataOps, mergers & acquisitions, and more.

Key Benefits

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Boost DataOps Productivity by 60%

Unleash the power of metadata and fully automate impact and root cause analyses so they require minimal labor.

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Reduce Time Spent on Impact Analysis by 95%

Gain full visibility into your data pipeline and increase efficiency and productivity.  

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Reduce Project Costs by 30%

Whether you need to accelerate a data migration, data governance, or DataOps project with better insights, Manta can help.

Operationalize Your Data Pipelines

No matter your industry, Manta has you covered. Data lineage is the automated approach that helps you take control of your data flows.

Migrating to a cloud or hybrid environment? Data lineage can set you up for a quick, successful, and accurate migration project. 

Undergoing a merger or acquisition? Data lineage can accelerate integration and data consolidation while helping you understand where compliance is important in your inherited systems.

Struggling to comply with data regulations? Data lineage can help you build trust in your data across your organization to maximize the value of your data governance framework. 

With Manta, you can operationalize your data pipelines with speed, precision, and accuracy. 

How Manta Helps

Manta can help you tackle any data challenge you’re face-to-face with.


Full Visibility of Data Pipelines

Gain full visibility of your data flows for more informed decision-making and efficient data pipeline health maintenance. 


Data Transparency and Trust

Access end-to-end lineage that increases data transparency and trust, empowering technical and non-technical users. 


Faster Incident Resolution

Trace any data-related issue back to its source with ease and correct it right away — all while preventing future incidents. 


Automated Impact Analysis

Perform accurate impact analyses to make better, more proactive business decisions and ensure planned changes go as expected. 

Additional Industries We Serve

Manta can help any business, no matter what challenges you're facing. For example, we serve: 

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Financial Services

Instill trust in your data for improved data governance and compliance as well as streamlined cloud migrations.

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Protect patient and provider data and remain in compliance -- all while mapping revenue, & making better clinical decisions.

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Modernize data management and simplify regulatory compliance efforts while conducting thorough risk analysis.

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Untangle complex data environments and gain control of your clinical trial data, FDA approvals, pharmacy orders, and provider distribution.

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