Improve Accuracy and Approval Processes

Organize clinical trial data, FDA approvals, pharmacy orders, and provider distribution. 

Key Benefits

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Improved Accuracy of Clinical Trial Data

No matter the country, number of participants, or type of medication, Manta can help map your clinical trial data to help you find connections and make better decisions. 

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Better Operational Efficiency

Manta customers can save up to $5m due to better insights and reporting and can better map revenue sources through the entire process, from manufacturing to provider sales to pharmacy orders.  

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Faster Tracking of Patents & FDA Approvals  

It’s critical that you track formulas, file patents, and follow FDA approval processes correctly so that you can get life-saving medication to patients as quickly as possible. By understanding the data you have and what you need for your patent, Manta can save you time and money, giving you speed to go to market.

Untangle Your Complex Pharmaceutical Data Environment

You likely have millions or even trillions of pieces of data in your pharmaceutical company. This data may relate to clinical trials, pharmacy and distribution, formulations, and patents — and it’s likely that within each type of data there are variations including differences in currency, units of measurement, volume of data needed, patent requirements and stages, FDA approvals, and regulations governing each of these elements.

This data is required to make critical, often life-saving decisions when it comes to getting medication formulated properly, manufactured, and distributed to the right people quickly.

Data lineage with Manta can help you untangle your complex data environment and trust the data you have to make better, safer decisions. Manta’s automated lineage can also help you stay in compliance and keep all patents up-to-date, which saves your company money.




How Manta Helps

As one of the most highly regulated industries, it’s crucial for pharmaceutical organizations to have accurate and trustworthy data. 


Regulatory Compliance

Stay in compliance with a variety of regulations by locating data that is exposed or set for deletion. 


Patent Filing & FDA Approval

Understand what data is missing before filing a patent, and map which patents or data is expiring so you can meet deadlines to re-file. Make sure your information is complete for faster FDA approval. 


Drilled-Down Data

See data samples based on specific characteristics that profiling discovered. For example, locate a percentage of values that a column may be missing to understand if the data set can be used. 


Data Versioning

Get data versioning using design lineage to map out changes to reference data that should be valid from a certain date.

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