Data Lineage 
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Harness the power of your data flows.

Manta helps you automatically follow your data’s journey to empower your business decisions.  

checkmark-iconAutomatically scans and maps your data environment.

checkmark-iconFrees up your team's time to generate the insights needed for informed decision-making.

checkmark-iconMaps out datasets, streams, and flows to give you a more manageable view of data sources.

checkmark-iconReveals connections between workspaces, systems, and data objects to eliminate blind spots and surprises.


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What Our Customers Say



"Adhering to government regulations, such as SOX, is of chief importance to T-Mobile. To ensure compliance, we need a complete view of our data.

By implementing Manta, we get detailed data definition language (DDL) and data lineage in one easy-to-navigate interface, as well as databases we can re-scan to capture any changes."


Tameem Akif
Data Lineage Product Owner, Data Governance Office (DGO) at T-Mobile



"For us at GEMÜ, it was important to reduce the time needed to identify changes in our ETL processes.

With Manta, we spend 90% less time, and our team can immediately see the impacts of all changes and react if something goes wrong or even beforehand."


Robert Dostal
Business Intelligence Team Leader at GEMÜ



"Prior to Manta, end-to-end impact and lineage analysis for our Enterprise Data Warehouse was not feasible. It took 6 months to perform a table-level dependency analysis on our EDW and Data Marts.

With Manta, that and more was available out-of-box. Effort for analyzing impact of a source system change has decreased by at least 90%, from hours to minutes (or seconds)."


Michael Lucito
Business Intelligence Manager at Schumacher Clinical Partners