Information Security Policy


This Information Security Policy was enacted by the management of Manta Software, Inc. and Manta Tools, s. r. o. (“the management”) to ensure the security of information critical for the company’s operations and cooperation with its customers and partners. Manta Software, Inc. and Manta Tools, s. r. o. is responsible for protecting this information against loss and abuse.

The basic principles of information security policy are:

  • Security Company – to ensure security during cooperation with customers and partners
  • Knowledge Company – to ensure a secure approach and secure handling of information

The long-term goals of this ISP ensure:

  • The integrity of the information, property, and processes
  • The confidentiality of the information, property, and processes
  • The availability of the information, property, and processes

The execution of these goals is ensured by defining security standards, measures, and protocols and their implementation and control. The company and its management are committed to adopting all security measures to fulfill the long-term goals and principles for information security in general.

The security standards, measures, and principles are defined in internal ordinances and security protocols. They include particularly:

  • Compliance with legal and contractual obligations
  • Basic knowledge regarding the use of company property
  • Prevention and detection of software and its security
  • Planning the continuity of company operations
  • Possible consequences of security protocol breaches

The organization and management of ISP are part of the Quality Policy in accordance with ISO 9001. The documentation of these processes is located in the company’s protected space. It includes a complete list of every employee’s obligations.

Updated and approved by Tomas Kratky, CEO of Manta Software, Inc. and Manta Tools, s.r.o. on September 20th, 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.