Spring is here. It’s the season to refresh, renew, and, in our case, release! That’s right—a fresh, new MANTA release is here, along with the warming temperatures and springtime flowers.

Our engineering team has been busy adding new technologies, capabilities, and enhancements to MANTA for Release 36, so you can spring forward in your data lineage goals.

Migration to Neo4j Graph Database

With Release 36, MANTA has migrated from TitanDB Graph Database to Neo4j Graph Database. Why the switch? In two words: performance and scaling.

As the market leader, Neo4j offers a robust graph database with the greatest scalability. Its high-performance distributed cluster architecture scales with data, evolving with data complexity. 

Powering Next-Gen Applications with Embedded Graphs


Powering Next-Gen Applications with Embedded Graphs

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In the words of MANTA CEO, Tomas Kratky, “Neo4j is ready to scale.” This migration to Neo4j is one of the crucial steps in MANTA’s journey to becoming a cloud solution, with performance and scalability as key. The implementation of Neo4j Graph Database brings immediate and significant improvements to retrieval and rendering performance, as well as in the graphical user interface and in analysis and ingestion. 

“Integrating MANTA Flow with Neo4j, the de facto leader in the graph database space, allows our customers to scale from tens of millions of lineage assets and relationships to hundreds of millions and beyond,” says Ernie Ostic, MANTA’s SVP of Products. “This is crucial for large enterprises who aren’t just tracking the flows for a single reporting system but need to analyze lineage from end-to-end and for the entire spectrum of technologies in their data pipelines.”

Addition of “Lowest” Detail Level to Visualization Parameters

When you want to see the high-level detail of your data flow, you have to go low. The “Low” detail level in MANTA Flow has been your option for visualizing the top elements, including databases, directories, and repositories. 

Now, you can go even lower (and get a higher-level view) with the addition of “Lowest” to the Detail levels of Visualization Parameters. 

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“Lowest” now the top level listed under the “Detail” levels in Visualization Parameters

This “Lowest” level provides you the option of a big picture view encompassing top-level database systems.

Enhanced Flow Display for More Indirect Lineage Information 

One of the best things about MANTA is the ability to show both direct and indirect data flows, and your ability to filter the Visualize Indirect Flows parameters. With Release 36, we’ve enhanced the flow display feature to deliver expanded information about indirect lineage objects. 

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Indirect flows represented as blue dashes

MANTA now classifies indirect flows according to the type of operation performed, including condition, filter, and group. For example, JOIN_CONDITION (defining how a join will be performed), GROUP_BY (defining the row groups for aggregate functions), IF and LOOP (defining the procedural conditions for executing the operation)—just to name a few.

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EDGE_FILTER_TYPE attribute visible in the properties window

This extension of the indirect flow feature provides greater detail on the attributes of indirect lineage objects, derived from multiple points of indirect flow. 

Enhancements to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Scanner

Release 36 brings significant improvements to the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Scanner.  The scanner automatically extracts all reports, analyses, and dashboards for creating detailed visualizations of data lineage for this business intelligence tool. MANTA is pleased to now be providing improved support for this important business intelligence technology within our portfolio of reporting and analysis scanners.  


More MANTA to Come 

This is just some of what the MANTA engineering team has for you in Release 36. If you are a customer or partner, be sure to check out the release notes for a detailed breakdown of everything that’s new and renewed for this exciting spring release. 

The MANTA team is continually working to make this world-class data lineage platform even better through new integrations, partnerships, and capabilities. So, stay plugged in to MANTA for the latest updates!

Any questions, comments, thoughts? Want to schedule a demo to see MANTA in action? Drop us a line at manta@getmanta.com.

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