Protect Patient and Provider Data

Remain in compliance, protect patients, map revenue, & make better clinical decisions. 

Key Benefits

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Optimize Costs  

Manta customers can save up to $5m due to better insights and reporting and can better map revenue sources. 

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Stay in Compliance

Whether adhering to GDPR, HIPAA, or another regulation, staying in compliance and ensuring protection of patient data can save you millions of dollars in fines for noncompliance or data breaches. 

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Protect Patient Data from Breaches

Healthcare has the highest average data breach cost of any industry, at $10.1m. Take a proactive approach to preventing data breaches with minimal manual intervention.

Untangle the Complexity of Healthcare Data

The healthcare industry generates around 30% of all the world’s data annually. Much of that data is highly sensitive and subject to evolving regulatory standards. 

Healthcare data ecosystems are diverse and interconnected, integrated with many applications, microservices, and infrastructures. Those connections rely on countless dependencies, with the nature of those dependencies obscured in a “black box” for most users. Because of this “black box,” organizations struggle to maintain accurate data, much less leverage their data to make clinical patient care and business decisions.

Manta’s data lineage tool illuminates data dependencies, tracking the journey of data as it moves through complex systems and undergoes various transformations along the way.

This can help you make life-or-death decisions easier for your patients while keeping them safe from breaches and regulatory compliance violations.

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From Data Chaos to Improved Patient Care: The Real-World Impact of Data Lineage


How Manta Helps

As one of the most highly regulated industries, it’s crucial for healthcare organizations to have accurate and trustworthy data. 


Regulatory Compliance

Stay in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and insurance regulations and maintain patient privacy by locating data that is exposed or set for deletion. 


Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Upgrades

Prevent mismatched and other entity conflict problems during EHR upgrades through Manta’s impact analysis and revision comparison capabilities.


Enterprise-wide Workflows

Automate routine tasks and enable self-service wherever possible, reducing the burden of manual tasks on your data engineers and developers. 

Insurance & Patient Data

Find missing or broken tables needed to properly bill insurance companies and locate missing or incomplete patient data that can impact clinical decisions.

Learn More About Manta for Healthcare

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Data Lineage: The Path to Profit in Healthcare

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  • Average migration delay times that can result from not having data lineage
  • How data lineage reduces costs through automation


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