Modernize Data Management

Simplify regulatory compliance and modernization efforts. 

Key Benefits

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Accelerate Data Migrations   

Plus, reduce migration costs by up to 30% with a comprehensive map of all your data flows and dependencies. 

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Gain Visibility into Insurance Claim Data

See where your claim data originated, how it flows through your systems, and how it changed along the way. 

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Flag Regulated Data

Use Manta’s customizable, color-coded active tags to call out regulated data in the context of your data pipeline.  

Gain Crucial Visibility into Regulated Data

If you’re operating in the insurance industry, you’re likely grappling with massive amounts of protected data.

You may also be facing a growing need to migrate away from legacy platforms that have become inefficient at processing claims – insurance companies that modernize their IT core structure have a 41% decrease in IT costs per insurance policy compared to those with legacy IT systems, according to McKinsey & Co. 

But without data lineage, there is an average 18 to 36 month delay for a cloud or hybrid migration. Regardless of what data obstacle you’re up against, we can help.

With Manta’s data lineage platform, you can gain the visibility into your data environment that is crucial for not only migration efforts, but also regulatory compliance, data governance, and more. 

How Manta Helps

Organizations operating in the insurance industry depend on data that is accurate, complete, and well-documented. When you choose to work with Manta, you can ensure that this is the case.


Regulatory Compliance

Accurately track how regulated data flows through your data environment to demonstrate compliance during data audits.


Efficient Migration Efforts

Find success with your infrastructure migration or upgrade with a comprehensive map of all your data assets and dependencies. 


Traceable Claim Data

Not sure where data from an insurance claim came from? With a data flow map, you can see exactly where it originated and how it’s changed. 


Data Governance

Tap into the power of the data you already have to build trust in your data and maximize the value of your data governance framework. 

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