2020 was turbulent, so having something certain to look forward to, like quarterly MANTA releases, was a breath of normality that helped us get through the past year. Right before it ended, our engineers prepared another release that is now available to MANTA users. Here’s what you can expect from MANTA 3.31, which registered users can now download directly from the MANTA Portal.

Meet Open MANTA

With this release, we are introducing Open MANTA, which is the ultimate solution that allows users to build their own metadata ingestion process for MANTA Flow and benefit from the MANTA platform without a formal scanner. With Open MANTA, you can illustrate any kind of relationship and make all the technologies used in your organization coexist. Harvest lineage across all sources—mature, established technologies and programming languages that are not being updated anymore, technologies that we have native scanners for, and Cloud or open sources technologies for which we don’t have scanners yet. Read more about Open MANTA and how you can benefit from it.

Open MANTA overview

MANTA’s Process Management User Interface

We continuously work on streamlining user experience and making MANTA Admin UI navigation simpler so our users can focus on the essential part of using MANTA, which is data lineage and its visualization, rather than figuring out how to get to the lineage itself. The new Process Management User Interface allows users to select a particular MANTA function (run an entire Scan, generate an export, etc.), start the process with a single button, and manage its ongoing progress, which significantly reduces the time needed to set up and manage MANTA.

MANTA's Process Management User Interface

Scanners That Can Do More

As with every release, we are enhancing our available scanners and adding new features. If you’re a customer or partner, check out the release notes to read what exactly has been added and improved. The major updates include enhancements to the Snowflake, Oracle ODI, Qlik Sense, COBOL, and Netezza scanners. The Snowflake scanner now supports Amazon S3 resources. We’ve also added smart recognition of transforming/non-transforming functions within Oracle ODI, discovery of transformation logic for Netezza, a new logging API in Qlik Sense, and support for COBOL in MANTA Integration exports.

We hope you will find all the new features and enhancements to the existing solutions useful and that they will elevate your MANTA experience. Stay tuned—we are already working on the next release to bring you even more improvements.

Any questions, comments, thoughts? Would you like to learn more about using Open MANTA in your environment? Drop us a line at manta@getmanta.com

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