We are proud to announce a new version of MANTA Tools: 3.6! Let’s just sum it up real quick.
Most of our customers have complex data warehouses. Some of them are running on two or more different technologies (Informatica and Teradata combo is the most common example). MANTA Flow has improved its capability to show everything going on, even in those mixed-technology warehouses. The visualization itself was also improved – now it is possible to preview the source code of the script depicted by a specific node.
We are also launching a new demo – the existing MANTA Checker online demo is getting a new sibling – the MANTA Flow demo, which allows you to try the product before even getting in touch with us. You can try any function you want – the only limit in the online version is one script of reasonable size (up to 50 kB!) per visualization, so everyone can use it at once. The full version is, of course, unlimited.
Dynamic data flows in Teradata and Informatica PowerCenter are now even easier to understand – you can limit their granularity and explore them further than ever before. It used to be smoke and mirrors – some kind of data flows appears to lead somewhere, but in reality it is not, because of conditions not detectable by standard analysis. And last, but not least, MANTA Checker has been developed a little more too. It now works even better with MANTA Flow, and those two tools are a great combo for a data warehouse at any level of complexity.
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