Leaves are gently falling to the ground in front of MANTA’s engineering office here in Prague as autumn arrives together with Software Release 3.26. What masterpiece have our developers put together this time? Read all about it in our release blog post.

Not Just Any Ol’ Scanners

As always, we bring you the new and greatly improved as well as the old BUT tuned and tweaked. In this release, we have added two new scanners. The first one is an experimental version of the ETL tool from the IBM InfoSphere family, IBM InfoSphere DataStage. Experimental means that we are looking for pioneers for testing. But you had better be quick because the waiting list for this scanner was quite long, and so is the list of prospective testers!

MANTA analyzes DataStage parallel jobs provided by users, then creates a detailed visualization of the data lineage that can be pushed into any third-party metadata management solution or viewed in MANTA’s native visualization. This allows you to plug information such as data validation rules and other data from separate databases into DataStage, all visualized in the lineage showing the complete end-to-end journey of your data.

The second scanner we’ve added is erwin Data Modeler. MANTA can scan erwin and automatically pull physical and logical models that can then be added to your data lineage. This can come in extremely handy when it comes to your database architecture projects, as you can add complex data models from erwin to MANTA and use them to accurately project a situation—an enormously valuable asset for your database engineers.

Up a Notch

We have worked hard to perfect our Cognos scanner. MANTA’s scanner now processes Framework Manager report specifications retrieved from Cognos’ report storage (Content Store). Using the extracted information and other scanners, MANTA can create complete end-to-end data lineage (from database data sources through analytical models to reports in Cognos Analytics).

We are also happy to inform you that we have stepped our Informatica EDC integration up a notch. We have added more filtering options to detailed lineage in EDC, allowing you to see both the big picture as well as the finest details all the way down to the column level, and you can filter dataflows based on what information you want in your final lineage map. Now, MANTA helps you see not only complex SQL code in your EDC Catalog but also information from all the other scanners and integrations that MANTA supports—all ETL, analytics, and reporting tools. This causes user productivity and workflow efficiency to skyrocket!

Last but Not Least

Last but not least, we have made some improvements to the installation and update process. Now, the magic happens automatically. When you download a new update packet and the installer notices that you need to update MANTA, it can automatically run your updater when needed, saving you a wrinkle or two in the process!

That’s all for MANTA 3.26. Any questions? Want to become a pioneer? Write to us at manta@getmanta.com.

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