The newest version of MANTA Tools introduces a new essential feature, a sweet performance boost, and much more.

One feature long requested by our customers was the ability to compare different data lineage visualizations. We’ve already introduced the Time Machine function (the ability to see any previous visualization) in MANTA Tools 3.10. Now you are able to compare different revisions from the repository in our native graphical visualization in V Flow. Take a look:

Compare Diff

We’ve used the traditional red/green color scheme – as you know it from Git, SVN or virtually any other diff tool. The data lineage in red exists only in the old revision, the green elements and relations are only in the new revision, and the rest is present in both revisions. If you want to try it out, ask for a free trial and we’ll send you your very own MANTA Flow today!

As a small tweak for our power users, we’ve added a new button to center on starting elements – so it’s even easier to stay on top of your investigation.

Our maintenance team focused on our data lineage analysis performance and they’ve managed to speed it up by up to 40% in some cases. The overall average performance has been boosted by 25%. MANTA Flow technology-specific parsers have been updated as well – we are now able to crunch many more different Oracle database link configurations. Our support for Teradata 15 has also been improved.

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