The financial industry is known for being stitched through with tons of regulations, and it is indeed challenging to comply with them. Banks and financial institutions reach out for tools to automate the process as much as possible. Read how MANTA and Informatica’s tech bond creates the ideal compliance solution.

Most of the regulations that are currently used in banking were invented to protect the industry after the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. One of the most well-known regulations is BCBS 239. But all of these regulations define a huge number of principles that need to be complied with, sometimes at very high costs.

BCBS 239 and more

We can use the above-mentioned regulation BCBS 239 as an example. It consists of 14 principles that need to be fully adopted for the company to achieve the status of regulatory compliance. Complying with such a complex regulation is a challenging, company-wide issue that requires processing information across a broad range of tasks, departments, and entities within the financial institution.

But for all regulations in the industry, there is one thing that all implementation strategies have in common – the need for transparency. For example, when banks are asked to report aggregated risk metrics for BCBS 239, they are also asked to prove to regulators that risk scores are arrived at correctly by:

  1. Showing end-to-end data lineage from the source of the data in the data warehouse to the end report in the BI environment. This includes where the data first came from (its origin), what transformations were performed on it, and what processes and decisions affected its life cycle.
  2. Demonstrating Data Quality Controls: the identification, assessment, and management of data quality.
  3. Showing an enterprise-wide understanding of business concepts by tracking which data is available to which teams within the organization.

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Accuracy is a top priority

One of our customers told us that when it comes to regulatory compliance, they refuse to leave the responsibility to their employees, but rather seek trust in their data governance solution. We cannot blame them, because before choosing to implement a MANTA + Informatica regulatory compliance solution, the customer had a team of more than 20 people that manually drew data lineage diagrams for more than 200 risk metrics within their institution.

Based on our experience with data lineage across various industries, we know that it is almost impossible for humans to create accurate data lineage visualization, because there is an endless amount of data and multiple dimensions that need to be incorporated, including the quality of the data, the people who are allowed to handle it, the processes that are done with it, etc. It requires the team to talk to multiple departments to get insight on a company-wide level, and it is difficult to maintain because it requires the team to keep track of even the smallest changes within the systems as well as the data warehouse.

MANTA together with Informatica purely automates the data-lineage gathering process. Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog, with strong machine learning abilities, can provide automatic mechanisms for data discovery across multiple internal company systems. What MANTA can then do, is automatically scan the metadata within the systems and read even the toughest segments of custom-made programming code that EDC usually has a hard time dealing with.

Then the customer can either visualize the data lineage in MANTA’s native visualization or see the data lineage within EDC, only this time, with data lineage all the way down to the column level. This way, the customer can achieve the highest level of detail possible, which otherwise would have been almost impossible to gain using only one solution. Now, whether it is an older data-lineage diagram that has been remodeled by calculating new dependencies or if it is the creation of a completely new one, the customer can be sure that the diagram is accurate and contains all the details.

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