MANTA is entering the world of Big Data. How? We now help enterprises with migration projects and automate lineage for Big Data technology Hive (with more to come soon). 

The world of business intelligence has been rocked by Big Data over the last few years and MANTA has been positioned in a bit more conservative part of it. That’s why we started with more traditional SQL-based technologies and now support all the big players in the field (Teradata, Informatica, Oracle, and IBM, to name a few).

Our ability to create complete data lineage from different sources has many unique uses for our customers. One of them is especially useful – complete data lineage proves absolutely necessary when it comes to migrating between different technologies. And that’s why we’ve set foot on this tricky path to Big Data.

How to Migrate without Losing Your Mind

Our key data lineage product, Manta Flow, can serve as a mirror between the old and the new. But that statement is a bit vague (yet poetic), so let’s illustrate it using a classic example:

A company is thinking about migrating part of their BI into a fresh new Big Data technology (like Hive) and wants to keep some parts in a solid old database (like Teradata). 

Using an all-powerful database for a routine data transfer is obvious overkill, but those heavy-duty data marts are good where they are for now. So, how exactly can Manta be beneficial during the migration?

manta HIVE v2

  • You must understand the old code to migrate the logic into a new system. Manta Flow can help you with that – we’re more than capable of documenting data lineage and helping your data professionals make everything work as it is supposed to.
  • Step-by-step approach. Everything should be under control, especially when your data is in question:
    1. Manta Flow analyzes the old part of the BI and shows you all data flows.
    2. After that, your BI pros can migrate it to Hive and test it.
    3. Manta Flow analyzes Hive as well and provides you with data lineage for Hive.
    4. You can easily see how everything works and if the old and new fits mirror each other.
  • The “discovery phase” is now manageable. Even if you are not so sure about the migration, a valuation alone could cost you a fortune. But you have to know what you are migrating before you do it, right? Manta Flow can help you with migration difficulty scoring and provide you with a detailed analysis of the code and its logic.
  • We are ready for more. So far, we’ve started with Hive, but we are working on other technologies – Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Spark, Pig, Google Spanner, and more.

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