MANTA can complete the Enterprise Data Catalog data governance solution from Informatica with some really tough programming code. In the following article we will let you zoom in on all the details of this technical bond. (INCLUDING A NEW VIDEO!)

MANTA connects to Informatica EDC and enhances all of its data lineage:

  1. MANTA connects to the same sources as EDC, and scans all the scripts.
  2. Then, it automatically provides data lineage from those scripts and integrates it with EDC’s native resources.
  3. Finally, MANTA analyzes programming code that is out of EDC’s native scope, e.g. stored procedures, views, triggers and other scripts.

With MANTA, every Informatica customer can see how every procedure works, find out how the data is transformed between tables, and get complete end-to-end data lineage down to the column level.

Here you can watch our brand new video where Lukas explains how the technical bond works:

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As you have heard in the video above, MANTA can enrich Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog with a number of SQL scripts, that allow EDC to show much more depth and detail than it normally could. Here is a list of scripts that MANTA currently pushes into Informatica.

What MANTA currently pushes into Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog:

  • BTEQ scripts, stored procedures, views, and macros from Teradata
  • PL/SQL scripts, stored procedures, packages, and more, including DB links, from Oracle DB & Exadata
  • T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, and more, including linked servers, from Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase (now SAP ASE), and PDW
  • NZPLSQL scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM Netezza
  • DB2 scripts, stored procedures, and more from IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL scripts, views and more from PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift and Greenplum

Manta technology callout 2017 informatica v1

It’s all about the details

MANTA’s key feature is its understanding superpower. The ability to read even the most complex custom code is crucial for obtaining detailed and complete end-to-end data lineage. This can also be used for real data protection analysis, automated business lineage extraction, migration of your DWH to a different platform or the cloud, and to comply with regulations such as GDPR, Basil II/III, and many more.

For customers who have EDC’s older brother, Informatica Metadata Manager, we have a connector for IMM as well. And for customers who have neither, but enjoy the advanced ETL capabilities of Informatica PowerCenter, we are also able to provide data lineage in our own visualization.

All our supported technologies, both scanners and integrations can be found here. If there is anything else you would like to talk to us about, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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