With today’s proliferation of data, organizations have a greater need than ever before to protect sensitive data. To help our customers meet that need, we’ve joined forces with BigID. The result: MANTA Data Lineage App for BigID, a bi-directional metadata exchange app that delivers automation and insights to manual data lineage. 

MANTA Data Lineage App for BigID


MANTA Data Lineage App for BigID

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By integrating our data lineage solution with BigID’s data intelligence platform, joint customers are now able to utilize this app to gain a complete overview of how sensitive, critical, and regulated data is processed – ultimately helping them meet regulatory and business requirements.  

Partnerships like ours underscore what’s possible when data industry leaders team up to help organizations understand and protect their data. In this case, MANTA’s solution is enhanced by the ability to pull in detailed data context from BigID, while BigID’s platform is enhanced by the ability to consume detailed lineage metadata from MANTA. 

The Power to See Where Sensitive Data is Flowing

In order to proactively assess risk and protect their most valuable data, organizations must have full visibility into sensitive data across the entire data supply chain. Automated data lineage makes this possible by allowing customers to see where sensitive data is flowing, what sources that data is coming from, and how crucial transformations were derived. On top of that, MANTA’s unique ability to automatically identify and tag sensitive data with warning labels to see where it flows adds another crucial layer of data protection. 

Here’s what else joint customers can do with MANTA and BigID: 

  • Add lineage data from unconnected processes through the BigID Lineage API
  • Automatically maintain a data-driven Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) 
  • Connect data flows to document why data was collected and how it is being used
  • Gain visibility into data flows for regulatory compliance of privacy use cases
  • Receive automatic alerts when documented processes are changed.

MANTA and BigID: Together, we’re giving customers the power to scale privacy and security, add context to data, protect high-value data, and manage data compliance regulations. Interested in seeing how this partnership lets organizations automatically identify and tag data to see where sensitive information is flowing? Schedule a demo today to learn more. 

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