This year, we signed on a new customer from a quite different industry than we would have expected. The way the customer uses MANTA made us explore the possibilities for mapping data lineage in data warehouses packed with data from the entertainment industry. Click here to read more!

MANTA’s first customer from the entertainment industry was a satellite television provider. Our recent customer is one of the largest and most profitable casino chains in North America. What do the two of them have in common when it comes to their data environments?

First Aid Post M&A

The original reason why our first entertainment-industry customer needed MANTA a few years back was to deal with significant data growth after a long series of mergers and acquisitions. Each of the companies had their own DWH with unique and valuable data. Therefore, as part of their growth and migration plans, it was necessary to consolidate. As the entertainment industry is one that is ever-moving and the buy-and-sell forces jump from one company to another, this is a very common use for MANTA in this industry.

Real. Time. Data.

With the evolving quality of media, the volume of data being transferred in this industry is also growing exponentially. And when it comes to table data in a casino, which is actually financial data on steroids, the needs to organize and automatically read and process this data are enormous, especially when companies tend to throw all of their data on a pile and call it a “data lake”. More and more customers then reach out to MANTA to help them deal with the mess in their big data solutions. Luckily, not only can MANTA do that, but we also expand our fleet of big data connectors with every new release. Visit our supported technologies  pages to see if yours is among them!

Safe and Sound

Another thing both of these entertainment divisions have in common is the vulnerable nature of their data. Whether we are talking about highly sensitive customer data from a telecommunications company (which not only includes credit card numbers, but also home addresses and even the viewers typical viewing times!) or sensitive financial data from casinos, it is necessary to comply with regulations related to sensitive data and to protect it (especially data on EU customers for GDPR compliance reasons). What MANTA can do is help find all the spots where such data is being stored and help change all of them at once. This can save months of manual labor since such reports are created automatically in a matter of hours. With many companies today investing in agile and lean process workflows, this can be an essential process optimization.

Peek into the Future

As you can see from this article, the current state of entertainment industry data is a crossover between sensitive personal data and financial data. With more and more subscription-based media entertainment services, the amount of data these companies have to store is skyrocketing quarterly. We can be sure to see more and more entertainment industry companies reaching out for help when dealing with their data environments.

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