If there is one thing I have noticed in my many years working for MANTA, it is that MANTA’s integration capabilities are highly appreciated. Customers worldwide notice that what MANTA has to offer in terms of connectivity is high above the average standard of other metadata management solutions.

There are several ways MANTA can connect to other pieces of software. MANTA has pre-built integrations for a number of specific data governance solutions, scanners for a variety of databases and data management platforms, and two types of APIs. Then, on top of that, there are a few other ways to push data into MANTA, if none of the above fit your needs. Here is a closer look at each of the options.

1. Integrations

MANTA has specific, pre-built integrations for complex data governance platforms that can use MANTA’s help when it comes to reading complex code structures and other features important for creating end-to-end data lineage. MANTA connects with them, scans their database resources, and then pushes the final data lineage into their own environments or visualizations. Some of MANTA’s integrations are Informatica EDC and IMM, Collibra DGC, IBM IGC, TopQuadrant EDG, and more. 

2. Scanners

MANTA also has its own visualization, where it can show you data lineage and allow you to work with it. MANTA can parse metadata from several databases and other tools, some of which are Teradata Database, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ASE, Hive, both IBM Netezza and IBM DB2, Impala, PostgreSQL, and many, many more. 

MANTA Supported Technologies

3. APIs

If you don’t use any of the solutions MANTA integrates with, there are other ways to get data lineage. MANTA can connect to basically any piece of software through its two APIs: the Service API and the Repository API.

4. Other ways

If you could not find “your” solution in any of the options mentioned above, no need to panic. MANTA always finds a way to create data lineage for our customers. MANTA can visualize data lineage based on imported files, Excel tables, data in CSV format, or just externally provided mapping and metadata from the database.

MANTA the mighty

To sum it up, MANTA can connect to basically any piece of software. If you need data lineage, MANTA can give it to you and provide the best quality, the most accurate lineage you can get on the market. Our developers are always adding more supported technologies to the list, and now you know that there are many other ways to push data besides just those. This makes MANTA the absolute leader in connectivity and integration capabilities.

Is there anything else you would like to know? More technical details perhaps? Then contact one of our tech guys at manta@getmanta.com

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