After introducing “MANTA 4 Finance” and “MANTA 4 Healthcare” in our new “MANTA 4 Industries” series, we are now moving on to another industry that MANTA is very familiar with. Read about the issues MANTA helps telecommunications customers solve in the article below.

Data is Gold

For most companies in telecommunications (before and after GDPR), data is a huge part of their business. But usually not such personal data as with healthcare patients, rather data about past and current subscriptions, tariffs, and packages that clients have been enjoying as well as phone numbers—both as a product and as a way to engage with customers for advertising purposes.

Apparently, business mergers and acquisitions, as well as database acquisitions, happen quite often in this industry. As a result, several of MANTA’s customers from the telco industry have sought MANTA’s help after running into problems caused by having one too many databases on hand.

Prior to such mergers, each company has its own DWH filled with unique and valuable data. Therefore, as part of their growth and data migration plans, it is necessary to consolidate. Other data governance solutions often cannot handle such large databases or automatically read them in a reasonable amount of time. That is why customers implement MANTA to map the part of their environment that is invisible to their data governance solution as well as to make the entire process of gathering data lineage faster and more effective.

Thanks to MANTA, the entire process of data migration and consolidation happens much faster than it normally would and with complete control over all the data being transferred, which prevents any errors or problems from occurring. And as a bonus, the next time the customer makes an acquisition, it will be much easier for it to merge the other company’s data into its system.

Data Anonymization

However, the data the companies store may still be subject to regulations, at least to GDPR. That is why many companies need to proceed with data anonymization. The subject of data anonymization, personally identifiable information (PII), consists of data elements that alone or in combination can directly or indirectly lead to the identification of a specific individual.

Companies must identify the various locations where sensitive or noncompliant data is being stored as well as discover the relationships between this data. Not all records are equally sensitive; not all need to be anonymized. Sometimes, only parts of the data need to be re-written. (For example, a name and a country code in the same table will most likely not lead to the identification of a customer, but adding a city name could end up leading to quite precise identification.)

Using MANTA, you can construct and analyze metadata models that will identify PII in any component of your BI and analytics solution.

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