Can you trust your physical, business and logical lineage? Manta introduces support for many different levels of data lineage abstraction. 

When it comes to data, trust is always the key. And getting a complete overview of data flows in your system is necessary to get that trust back. Now, different types of lineage won’t mess things up anymore. It’s almost impossible to map complex BI systems on more levels of abstraction. Many different tools provide physical (technical), business and logical lineage, but this lineage is only good when it is complete. Like, totally.

Physical Lineage Is the Key

At Manta, we’re good at getting detailed and accurate physical data lineage from your logic hidden in programming code. Never mind SQL overrides, manually defined procedures, stored procedures – MANTA will just map it all. On top of that, we are now able to include different levels of lineage, but backed up by original physical lineage so it’s 100% accurate. And it’s all fully automatic, so there’s no manual labor necessary… Here is how it works:

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First, MANTA will do what it is the best in the world at – map detailed and accurate physical data lineage from the logic hidden in your programming code.

Second, it loads external mapping between physical and logical or business objects (like business name to specific table / column mapping) from available sources and ties that with rendered physical lineage.

Third, it uses mapped objects (business, logical) to transform existing physical lineage so it is better aligned with the objects provided (i.e. no detailed technical transformations for business objects but rather simplified descriptions). The result is accurate, trustworthy lineage of any kind – based in reality and yet useful for everyone who needs to understand the specific level of abstraction.

Any Lineage, Any Source

It does not matter which technology your physical lineage is from (check out our list of supported technologies!). It also does not matter how you provide the initial business/logical to physical object mapping – it could be:

  • your favorite business glossary
  • a data modelling platform
  • plain ol’ Excel spreadsheets
  • virtually any other structured data format

From an Excel Sheet to a Data Governance Solution

Our main goal is to connect and share information with other tools and solutions in our customers’ BI. That’s why we are not only able to pull metadata from other tools, but MANTA can easily push everything back into 3rd party solutions. Want an example? At one of our successful implementations, MANTA:

  1. Loaded business lineage mapping from Collibra’s Data Governance Center
  2. Combined it with complete physical lineage from actual code
  3. Pushed lineage back to Collibra, ensuring that the lineage was complete and functional

Additionally, MANTA is always capable of visualizing everything in our visualization – feel free to take a look at our introductory video:

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