Let’s talk about the hospitality industry. It concerns all of us—regardless of whether you are into fine dining, fast food, getting a hot drink on your way to work—you have been to a chain restaurant or coffee shop. Today, on Valentine’s day, tons of people will flock to those places to have their favorite meal with their favorite person. Not only will they bring a date but also an enormous amount of data. Let’s see how MANTA helps here.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Data

Adhering to data privacy regulations is the top reason that the industry’s customers are deciding to use MANTA. You might wonder why, since the nature of the business is not about collecting personal data—it’s about indulging your taste buds. Or is it? Here’s the thing: everyone likes a good deal and likes to feel special. And your favorite coffee shop wants to give you that! A free beverage on your birthday or a special discount tailored to your liking is waiting for you. Just fill out a short form, slide a plastic card in your wallet, and enjoy the loyalty program perks for members only. No matter where in the world they are, chain restaurants must adhere to GDPR, CCPA, and many other types of US state regulations. Fines for non-compliance are as high as the milk foam on that mochaccino. Anyone whose personal data is being processed can ask at any time to have their data removed; where their data is stored; who can access the data; and who is accountable for it. MANTA’s lineage can easily show you all those details making sure that your loyalty program does not leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths.

Keep Up with the Digital Transformation

Not so long ago, if you did not feel like cooking nor going out to eat, you had one option: a phone call. Someone on the other end would pick up the phone, note down your order on a piece of paper, let the chef know what to cook, and send the meal your way via a delivery person. The piece of paper would be about it, when we talk about the database. How does it work today? You still reach for your phone, but to open an app and select what you are currently craving. Your order is saved and paid for online, then sent to the restaurant. Once the kitchen is done preparing it, they change the status, you receive a notification on your phone, and a few moments later (or hours, depending on the traffic) you enjoy your meal. Switching from phone calls to ordering food online means that in a short time the restaurant industry has built huge databases and has been forced to deploy complex data-processing systems to maintain them. Such systems won’t evolve by themselves. Luckily, MANTA knows how to make updates and migrations less painful. Read more about it right here.

All You Need Is LOVE—Look, Observe, Verify, Enjoy

Are you making business decisions without a clear overview of your data? This, obviously, won’t end well. We are all tempted to follow our gut feelings, but when it comes to an important matter for the organization, you should let your data speak. MANTA’s Unified Lineage Platform improves trust in data since the data flow visualization is finally adjusted to decision-makers’ level of understanding, regardless of the size of the company database. Your data knows it all, and MANTA is here to show you where the knowledge is stored so you can enjoy the positive outcomes of your decisions.

This Valentine’s Day, show your guests some love and take extra good care of their data with MANTA.

Are you wondering how MANTA can help your business? Schedule a demo or let us know at manta@getmanta.com, We will be happy to chat!

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