Tech company MANTA, the leading data lineage provider, is proud to partner with Integration Expert to deliver comprehensive governance and lineage solutions for clients and partner organizations. Based in Dallas, Texas, Integration Expert services clients in banking, health care, financial services, insurance, and retail.

Tomáš Krátký, CEO of MANTA: “We are excited to partner with the Integration Expert team and their deep experience with governance. With partners like Integration Expert, we doubled our total customers in 2019 and continued our mission to be the only unified lineage platform in the market. Integration Expert shares our vision that unified lineage is transforming the world of data management in our customers’ hands. Both of us started with compliance and regulatory projects, but lineage has so much more to offer every one of our customers. Our everyday experiences and our customers’ stories are living proof.”

Lamont Lockwood, Managing Partner of Integration Expert: “Governance is easier to implement than ever before. Clients find value when architects, technical staff, compliance experts, and business professionals break down functional, multi-vendor, and technical barriers to see visual data pathways in seconds.  If they need more information, they can simply drill deep to accurate details that are automatically documented from the systems themselves.”

“We’ve been using MANTA for months and have been extremely impressed with its ease to configure, ability to tackle complex lineage challenges, and ability to join data flows across different vendors and technologies. Its interface is filled with features we’ve never seen before:  features that open new avenues to govern data, processes, and people.”

Integration Expert is building cartography tools that directly integrate with MANTA to simplify and augment data/process transparency to business. Decades of experience with large companies and major governance vendors provide insight into the challenges and opportunities across organizations. Quotes from industry experts:

David Martinez, Chief Audit Executive: “Governance improvement is an exercise of helping all areas of the enterprise including corporate departments, divisions, business units, and employees in the next cubicle work together to maintain and leverage a key asset that is the lifeblood of every enterprise: critical information. Information maps—data lineage—are built locally and utilized globally to improve governance by increasing performance, assurance, and strengthening the audit process.”

Tom Ingram, Salesforce Certified Tech Lead and Process Specialist: “The large integrations we see with Salesforce (frequently 8 to 12 systems) are a significant bottleneck with high labor costs.  MANTA is one tool that can dramatically reduce the cost, overhead, complexity, and maintenance of effective interfaces.”

Our goal for Governance is to start small, plan for significant project growth, then provide measurable value quickly and at every step of the way.

About MANTA: A Unified Lineage Platform

MANTA is the core of all data flows in the organization, and with its lineage capabilities, it enables digital transformation. The self-service platform demonstrates the data journey in a way that is clear and easily understandable to those at all levels of the organization. MANTA lineage delivers actionable intelligence to boost governance efforts, accelerate development, shorten time-to-market, speed up the modernization process, ensure data quality, and enforce data security. Learn more at


Integration Expert LLC focuses on business-oriented information applications, analytics, and services, including MANTA business applications. Two of our principals were awarded coveted IBM Analytic Champion Awards for major projects with IBM’s Analytic software products.

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