Last month, we brought you an expert analysis written by Dr. Irina Steenbeek on how data lineage enables metadata management. For those who missed it, Dr. Steenbeek is one of the world’s top authorities on data management and data lineage. She is the founder of Data Crossroads and has authored five books on data management, including one on Data Lineage from a Business Perspective.

Now, we have an added opportunity for you to obtain industry-leading guidance from Dr. Steenbeek. On Tuesday, October 4, she will join forces with another data lineage expert – our very own SVP of Products, Ernie Ostic – in a webinar entitled Expert Insight: How Data Lineage Supports Business Change Initiatives. During our webinar, which will take place from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. EST, they will dig deep into how data lineage and MANTA can help your organization stay on top of business change initiatives. 

The Role of Data Lineage in Change Management

Data lineage plays a crucial role in business change initiatives. No matter what kind of change your business is going through, you need to be able to trace the origins of your data, understand how that data has moved and changed over time, and know what downstream impacts those changes have had on your business. 

During the webinar, expect Dr. Steenbeek and Ernie Ostic to uncover the what, why, and how of data lineage for business change – and provide some real-world examples and applications of data lineage. You will learn:

  • The definition and model of data lineage
  • Trends and challenges in data lineage 
  • Different types of business change 
  • How data lineage functionality supports these types of change
  • MANTA functionality and data lineage use cases 

We will close the webinar with an interactive Q&A, giving you the opportunity to ask our experts your burning questions.

Don’t miss this chance to get industry-leading guidance from true experts. Save your spot today!

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