Data governance and technical lineage are a match made in heaven. Organizations are increasingly seeing the value of their data assets and the potential benefits they can unlock through effective data management, but where do you start? 

Recently, Manta partnered with Nephos Technologies and BigID for a webinar series that took a deep dive into operationalizing data governance. In this post, we’ll explore some of the conversations from the webinar that highlight the significance of understanding data lineage, its impact on data environments, and how it contributes to driving value and efficiency.

Watch the Webinar Replay: Technical Lineage: Increasing Producivity & Building  Trust in Data 

Understanding Technical Data Lineage for Change Management and Efficiency

To put it simply, technical data lineage provides a comprehensive map of an organization's data environment. It tracks the journey of data, from its origins to its destination, while also capturing any transformations and processes it undergoes along the way. This understanding of the data flow is crucial, as it provides visibility and transparency into the data ecosystem, ensuring that no crucial information is lost or overlooked.

That sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the term "lineage" may not always receive its due recognition in budgetary allocations. 

The value of data lineage lies in the insights it offers for identifying and fixing problems within the data processes. With the exponential growth of data over the past decade, many organizations have found it challenging to keep track of their data, leading to a lack of clarity and coordination. Technical data lineage addresses this issue, becoming increasingly important in contemporary data governance.

Add to that the fact that as data environments expand, organizations face a myriad of challenges, with change management being a prominent concern. The larger the organization, the slower it becomes to adapt to changes effectively. Technical data lineage plays a pivotal role in streamlining this process and promoting efficiency. 

By understanding data flows, organizations can swiftly adapt to changes, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions. The insights provided by lineage enable businesses to identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and inefficiencies, thus optimizing operations and resource allocation. In other words: you can’t afford to NOT budget for lineage. 

Quantifying the Value of Technical Data Lineage

Despite its undeniable importance, advocates of lineage know that it’s essential to showcase the value of technical data lineage to secure support and resources for implementation. The use cases and potential impact of data lineage need to be articulated clearly to stakeholders. Additionally, organizations can quantify the benefits of lineage by showcasing how it complements other aspects of good governance.

For example, regulatory requirements often emphasize data quality, consistency, and resilience. Technical data lineage supports these objectives by ensuring data validity and providing a robust foundation for data governance frameworks. By illustrating how data lineage aligns with these regulatory goals, you can effectively build a compelling business case for its implementation.

TL;DR: You must show your stakeholders why lineage is a critical piece of the governance puzzle. 

Technical Lineage for Transformational Change and Enablement

One of the prominent use cases of technical data lineage lies in transformational change. During periods of significant organizational shifts, such as mergers, acquisitions, or system overhauls, data lineage plays a pivotal role in understanding the data pipeline. This knowledge helps organizations effectively manage the transition, prevent disruptions, and ensure a seamless integration process.

Data lineage's enablement aspect is equally critical in this context. By understanding the entire data ecosystem, organizations can identify the areas that require improvement and allocate resources effectively. This insight not only mitigates potential risks during transformative periods but also opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Technical data lineage is a fundamental aspect of modern data governance. Its role in providing a comprehensive map of data flow and enabling effective change management cannot be understated. By understanding the value it brings to data quality, regulatory compliance, and overall efficiency, organizations can make a compelling case for investing in data lineage initiatives. Embracing technical data lineage as an essential component of data governance will undoubtedly lead to better decision-making, optimized operations, and ultimately, sustainable growth in today's data-driven world.

See Manta’s Technical Lineage in Action

To learn more about Manta’s technical lineage, watch the webinar replay from Manta partners Nephos Technologies and BigID here. To learn more about Manta’s partners, check out our partners page.

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