We’ve upgraded our technology stack & Manta Flow now supports Microsoft SQL Server!

Every new supported technology is a big step for us, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) is no different. When we introduced Oracle at the end of 2014, we quickly gathered a few pioneers who gave us valuable feedback. Oracle is now one of our key technologies which helps to get end-to-end data lineage to our biggest customers.

Btw., this is how Microsoft SQL data lineage looks in Manta Flow’s native visualization:


Get It While It’s Fresh

With MSSQL we would like to take the same approach. Therefore, we are looking for pioneers who will give us feedback and receive an early adopter discount in return. If you have MSSQL in your information environment, please do not hesitate to let us know, and we can talk it over.


Tech Summary

And now, let’s take a look at it from a technical perspective. A new supported technology is not simply a new version of visualization. Our goal is to visualize all data flows together, so we are color-coding different types of flows and merging them all together. So, from now on, Manta Flow supports:

  • MSSQL data lineage between linked servers. If you have more database servers, you can easily link them together. That’s typical for our large customers who need to create an interactive map of the whole environment.
  • Case-sensitive object names. Most of the other databases (like Teradata or Oracle) cannot set case sensitivity, but MSSQL allows users to set it, and Manta Flow supports that as well.
  • Table variables. This type of object is specific to MSSQL. It is widely used in advanced database structures. It creates fluid and readable code, something that’s missing everywhere else.
  • Synonyms. This function is pretty similar to Oracle. It basically creates aliases for database objects. Providing an alternative name for an object (referred to as the base object that can exist on a local or remote server) is actually useful when you have dozens of different roles accessing the environment.
  • Microsoft SQL. It’s kinda obvious, but it needs to be mentioned – we are the only solution on the whole planet, that can provide you with a full, end-to-end data lineage of a Microsoft SQL-based environment.

Interested? Or do you just have a technical question? Don’t hesitate to ask us at manta@mantatools.com, or just use the contact box on the right. We even accept calls now! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates!

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