Recently, devs from MANTA and techs from Solidatus have joined forces to bring data owners and analysts a powerful visualization and management tool for data lineage supported by an advanced automatic discovery application. Read on to find out more about our new friends and what this bond has to offer.

Since its launch at the beginning of 2017, Solidatus has won long-term contracts with major global Financial, Pharma, and Utility companies. Solidatus is a powerful data lineage discovery and visualization tool that complements existing solutions such as Collibra, Informatica, IBM, Excel, and many others. With its easy to use, intuitive, and highly scalable web interface it sources and combines all the lineage information in one place.

In partnering with MANTA, Solidatus will build on its proven success creating data models across end-to-end business flows by integrating with MANTA’s database scanning and cataloging technology. This will enhance the discovery and management of complex flows hidden deep in databases, scripts, stored procedures, and other kinds of data processing logic.

Here are some of the perks of our partnership:

  • Data lineage solution incomparably faster than any other manual discovery app
  • Collect metadata from structures like programs, applications, and ETL workflows
  • Powerful visualization of metadata across end-to-end business processes
  • Ability to validate, edit, and add business terms and additional metadata
  • Share read only models with anyone in the business
  • Intuitive web interface which allows users to incrementally build and assign metadata models
  • Collapsible filters as well as customizable searching and querying
  • Enhanced data governance, risk modelling, and project management tooling
  • Accelerated discovery of low level lineage through crowdsourcing metadata from a full system audit, version control, and visual temporal comparison
  • Support for systems migration, integration, and transformation
  • Deep insight into data for MiFID, BCBS 239, NYS DFS 504, GDPR, and FRTB
  • Custom data models that consider the organization structure, complexity, controls, and governance requirements

Learn more about Solidatus on their website or just ask for our joint solution on

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