Visualize end-to-end data lineage for Microsoft SQL in our demo. Live & online.

Pushing our developers’ release notes into an at least somewhat interesting article is a tough job. Bug bashes, UI improvements and improved SQL code parsers are obviously very important, and they are the reason why we are still light years ahead of our competition. But it is not always easy to write about it. Luckily, this release was no problem because Lukas‘ team created something awesome yet again:

mssql demo pic

They enhanced our online demo’s capabilities to crunch Microsoft SQL scripts (and caught up with the full version we have been selling for a few months now). So, try it now and see if it works for you!

And that’s not all for MANTA Tools 3.13! Not even close! We’ve also extended our support for Oracle 12c, Teradata (tuned undocumented nasty hacks – like really, really weird stuff), and Microsoft SQL Server (even better analysis). Our connector for Informatica Metadata Manager was also improved quite a bit.

Oh, and one more thing. Have you ever tried to get end-to-end data lineage for environments where Big Data technologies were involved? Nothing fancy, huh? Well, we might have an answer for you… soon.

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