We have an exciting announcement for all of you! MANTA has teamed up with Scalefree, and exciting things are headed your way! The guys at Scalefree are real pros at building information systems and data vaults, offering a full range of BI solutions.

Data Vault 2.0 is a system of business intelligence comprised of 3 (plus one) pillars that are required to successfully build an enterprise data warehouse system:

  • A flexible model: designed especially for data warehousing, the Data Vault model is very flexible, easy to extend, and can span across multiple environments, integrating all data from all enterprise sources in a fully auditable and secure model.
  • An agile methodology: because the Data Vault model is easy to extend (with near-zero or zero change impact to existing entities), successful projects choose the Data Vault 2.0 methodology, which is based on Scrum, CMMI Level 5, and other best practices.
  • A reference architecture: spanning the enterprise data warehouse across multiple environments and integrating batch-driven data, near-real-time and actual real-time data streams, and unstructured data sets.

Furthermore, the agile methodology also includes best practices for the actual implementation of the Data Vault model, for deriving the target structures (in many cases, dimensional models, but not limited to those), and for the implementation of the architecture. All implementation patterns have been fine-tuned for high performance over more than 20 years and successfully used to process up to 3 petabytes of data in a U.S. government context (defense/security).

While adapting better to changes than pretty much any other architecture, Data Vault is braced for “Big Data” and “NoSQL”. This provides the customer with the same level of efficiency, now and in ten years, erasing all worries about the rapidly growing amount of data in your business.

As one of Scalefree’s founders, Dan is now establishing his concept on the market. In the training, exclusively certified by him, customers can learn the why/what/how of Data Vault 2.0.

And where does MANTA come in?

When you want to build a truly perfect data vault model, having strong data lineage is essential. Complete end-to-end lineage gives you insight into the structure and all procedures inside your data warehouse. Now that you know exactly where your data comes from and what data flows it goes through to get all the way to the end table, you can create an accurate data vault model that is applicable in many ways.

Have we aroused your curiosity about how to build and use a data vault in your business? Then be sure to check out the Scalefree Data Vault 2.0 Boot Camps  and save yourself a seat. Upcoming training programs will be held in Brussels, New York City (with Dan Linstedt), Vienna, Oslo, Dublin, Santa Clara CA, and Frankfurt.

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