It’s been a busy year here at Manta. We listened to the feedback from our customers and prospects and we are excited to share with you our newest product update. 

We will dive into the specifics in this post, but we wanted to talk a little bit about our biggest change first. Manta is now offering our same detailed lineage in a SaaS version! We’re meeting you where you are and taking the stress out of infrastructure and future updates with our secure SaaS option. We are SOC-2 compliant so you know your data is secure, but if you prefer to remain on-prem we will still offer that flexibility. 

We’ve also innovated to offer intuitive automation, enhanced customization, and greater value for technical and business users. 

Below we will dive into a few of the biggest changes in our update. 

Considerations Made in this Update

Poor data quality costs businesses an average of $12.9 million annually, according to Gartner. Data lineage prevents bad data from creating long-term issues by tracking and identifying where data changes and flows may encounter problems. Release 42 goes a step further to create a simpler user experience, enhancing automated processes and intelligence capabilities for better workflows and prescriptive capabilities.

When we started working on our product release, we wanted to make sure to provide a few key changes that take all of the above into account, including: 

  • A simpler user experience.
  • Enhanced automated processes and intelligence capabilities for better workflows and prescriptive capabilities.
  • More intuitive options to meet customers where they are.

What’s New in R42?


Automapping and Manta Intelligence

Manta is empowering you better than ever before with intuitive automation. With the introduction of automapping, Manta gives customers an end-to-end view of their environments faster. Automapping is a new kind of Manta intelligence that leverages metadata to stitch the lineage between interdependent systems on the fly. Combined with deduced lineage, you’ll be able to reveal interactions between systems for a more complete lineage picture without needing to scan every source. 


Application View and Targeted Scanning

Our new "targeted" scans offer a more flexible approach to repository management, allowing customers to selectively update their connections without the need for comprehensive scans. Other notable updates include a system-level aggregated lineage perspective ("Application Lineage"), a new scanner for Databricks UC, and object-level filtering for Oracle connections. All of this works together to combat shadow data by illuminating orphan tables and bridges the gap between technical and business users, ensuring alignment on what systems are in a repository and how they interact. 



OpenManta Designer provides a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for users to build lineage to augment Manta's out-of-the-box scanners. To reduce the barrier to entry for end-to-end lineage, OpenManta Designer allows users to integrate custom assets faster and more effectively. OpenManta Designer also creates manual data lineage using a drag-and-drop interface and/or a spreadsheet, allowing users to draw connections between related items.

See R42 in Action

Want to learn more about Manta’s newest features? Talk to a member of our team today to see the upgrades in action. 

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You can also read more about the update here. Enjoy!

P.S. This post was written by a human!

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