You might have noticed that things look a little bit different here at Manta. 

To reflect our commitment to continual innovation and modernization, Manta has made some updates to our brand, including a new logo, color palette, website, and web domain.

In this post, Manta’s CMO Nancy Louisnord shares the rationale behind the updates, and what they represent for the Manta community of customers, partners, and friends. 

Why the new look and feel?

Our goal at Manta is to unleash the power of data lineage and to help our customers
visualize, optimize, and modernize how data moves through their organizations. While our old brand colors and logo were an excellent foundation for Manta’s beginnings, as we continue to grow and innovate we want to make sure our branding reflects that continued mission. 

With more modern colors and a refreshed look, we hope to convey our passion for continual innovation. 

Manta’s New Logo 

Manta’s new logo is something we are particularly proud of. The new logo represents the flow of data and the visibility of data lineage by pinpointing your data – all while honoring the manta ray. Together with our new typeface, we feel the logo creates a memorable way to remember the purpose and goal of data lineage: to modernize and optimize your data flows. 


Manta’s Color Palette & Imagery

Color is a key component of any brand. It can make you feel excited, nervous, calm, anxious, or anything in between. With that in mind, we set out to create colors that can be used in non-traditional ways, with lines hinting at connectivity and data flows. Our color palette is diverse, reflecting the diversity of our sea of Mantas and the types of data we interact with daily. Going a step further, we chose the following colors and rationale to represent our strengthened position in the market:

  • Blues: trust, stability
  • Greens: innovation, growth, optimism
  • Warm colors: originality, intelligence

Over the next few weeks, as we continue to update the brand, you will notice a new style to Manta’s images, graphics, and icons. The new illustration style employs a more mature and sophisticated aesthetic, while still keeping an energetic feel at the forefront. The grain texture of the hand-drawn illustrations add depth and charm to our graphic elements. 

Additionally, all of our imagery will convey movement and flow to represent the flow of data and information.

What’s Next: New Web Domain Information

Over the next few weeks, if you regularly interact with Manta you may notice that our domain has changed from to Rest assured, you will still be able to reach Manta employees as email addresses will be forwarded. However, please bookmark our new address and update any email contacts you may have. If you’ve saved any of our assets, such as eBooks, white papers, or web pages, you will still have access via the same link, as we will forward all URLs to our new domain. 

We are so excited to share more with you in the coming weeks and we can’t wait to hear what you think. We hope you’ll share your comments with us via LinkedIn or Twitter @getmanta. 

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