MANTA is swimming deeper into the world of IBM. 

We’ve already mentioned both IBM DB2 and IBM Netezza in our introductory article to the latest version, but maybe it’s time to explain how all it works. Take a look at the picture:


Manta is great at understanding logic hidden in programming code and it can parse:

  • NZPLSQL scripts, stored procedures, and more
  • DB2 scripts, stored procedures, and more
  • Other technologies you might have in your BI

After the initial parsing, Manta reconstructs the lineage and visualizes it or pushes it into a 3rd party metadata solution – such as Informatica Metadata Manager (along with other technologies). “But I’ve purchased IBM IGC with my Netezza/DB2 databases!” Say no more, we’ve got you covered.Manta technology callout 2017 db2 v2Manta technology callout 2017 db2 v2

Get a Boost for Your Information Governance Catalog

Our goal was to create a seamless way to push complete lineage into IGC. Manta is now able to naturally connect to it and is simply present as a new metamodel (called, unsurprisingly, MantaModel). If some of your lineage is missing or hidden in Netezza or DB2 scripts and stored procedures, Manta is the ultimate solution for your problem.

Take a look at how smooth the integration is (Oracle is used in the video, but for DB2 and Netezza it works the same). We strongly recommend watching it full screen. 

Interested? Then you should know there’s a 30-day free trial and assisted pilot, if your organization requires one. Get in touch with us at or use this form.

Manta technology callout 2017 netezza v2

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