Given the challenges facing all of us around the world, getting this release across the finish line introduced some new hurdles. However, working remotely with these new conditions didn’t stop us from bringing you another improved version of MANTA on time. We hope that you, your co-workers, and all your families are safe throughout these new circumstances.   Here’s what our engineering team has prepared for you.

Visualization Improvements

Making MANTA’s interface easier to use is equally important for us as MANTA’s technical coverage. After doing multiple tests and evaluating customer feedback, we have revamped our visualization to improve user experience. The first major change is the removal of the home page after authentication. From now on, the MANTA Flow Server will immediately open on the repository page, which significantly smooths out the process since the original home page was mostly informational. We’ve also added an About window, where you can check the product version, information about the license, and the current script count on the fly. You will also find a new filter that only shows the transformation steps. More filters mean that you can adjust the visualization to suit your current objectives without having to manually go through irrelevant details. These and other improvements will come in extremely handy now that most companies are working remotely and are already facing issues with disruptions in communication. Improved visualizations mean less time spent discussing their outcomes with other team members, hence more time spent on actual project development. Win-win!

New Set of REST API Calls

The idea of having a powerful API able to connect MANTA to any data management or data governance solution is something we stand behind. With this release, we are bringing you a brand-new set of REST API calls for repository statistics and a new call that returns an array of all current revisions to the Repository API. We have also added basic statistics about the metadata repository content provided via Repository API and the option to delete the last committed revision.

Existing Scanners Can Do More Now

Not only have we taught MANTA some new tricks, but we have also taken care of existing technologies. As usual, we have added new capabilities for several catalog exports and numerous improvements to many of our scanners. What are the major changes?

We have added transformation logic analysis for the PostgreSQL scanner.

We now support many new Talend ETL components (such as Oracle, Prejob and Postjob, Excel Input and Output, and ELT* components for Oracle). We have also added the ability to delete the last committed revision.

The DataStage scanner has been significantly improved: we have added a smarter column connection with non-supported stages as well as support for the transformer stage using DS Macro, support for the transformer stage job parameters, and support for custom links.

Another Release, Another Security Improvement

As always, MANTA continues to strengthen its security capabilities and features related to logging and release management. This time we have made a few updates regarding the use of anti-CSRF tokens, restricting access to the opener in opened windows, and enforcing policies through content security policy (CSP) headers.

We hope you will enjoy MANTA’s new features and capabilities as much as we do. Keep up with what we are doing. We are already planning exciting new things for our next release!

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