What is the typical process for getting Manta? It is as easy as it gets.
A lot of people have been asking us how complicated it is to acquire Manta and how fast and smooth the implementation is. Most articles around the internet tell you how you should think about your BI/data warehouse implementation process. They mostly consist of deep, almost religious, statements like “Drive change from the top down and the bottom up.” or “Focus on the right metrics”. We’ve had two problems with that approach:

  • It says virtually nothing at all. 
  • It says nothing about the actual process of getting the product. 

So, we are going to learn from that common mistake and do it right. Before the implementation process can even begin, you have to get it. And by “it” we mean everything. Get the info; get in touch; get the trial version; get to know us. That’s why we’ve created this roadmap.
There are five simple steps. Each step has three options, and you can pick one or more of them. We are basically open to anything, and we will guide you through the rest of the process. You will never have to deal with CRM systems, no different levels of authority, no know-it-all middlemen. You will communicate only with two or three people from our team (a sales professional and one or two actual Manta Tools developers) who will focus on your case and work to understand your needs.
See? Easy. Just start at the top:
And as always, feel free to contact us via email, follow us on Twitter or check out our blog

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