As the next version of Manta Tools is getting ready to be shipped out, we feel it is a good time to take a look over our shoulders and recall how it all started. 
The first versions of Manta Tools were developed in-house, at our mother company Profinit, for one of our customers in the banking industry. Profinit focuses on the implementation of a broad palette of projects, from application development to projects in the fields of data management, data warehouses and business intelligence.
Originally called PSAT (Profinit Syntax Analysis Tool), Manta Tools started as simple tweaks and instruments used by our own developers during their work on large data warehouses. The products then quickly spread to all Profinit’s other customers’ warehouses – all over Central Europe:

“The rapid expansion to all of our existing customers was a clear sign for us. Manta Tools are helping to solve serious problems present even in developed BI environments. That’s why we assembled a special development team, re-branded the original products as Manta Tools and rushed to foreign markets,” said Tomáš Krátký, Director of Products and Services.

PSAT originally ran only on Teradata, checking Teradata SQLs, but it was soon accompanied by AVE (Automatic Verification Engine) for XMLs from Informatica PowerCenter and Cognos. Those two separate internal tools were later built anew on a shared platform as a much improved one: Manta Checker. And development continues to this day. Manta Flow, our other flagship product, was also built for data warehouses in the banking industry, but all the essential parts were finally put together in our big telco customer’s data warehouse.
From then on, everything was bright and clear and Manta Tools were born. Manta Tweak (originally known as External Checker) has the same history as the others – originally a tool for data warehouses, now a member of the Manta Tools family.
And now let’s focus on the future: The upcoming version 3.6!
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