Another quarter, another MANTA release! It seems like the engineering team has challenged themselves again and decided to add new technologies and enhancements to make the MANTA platform even more versatile and less resource-intensive to work with than before. Mission’s status? Accomplished! 

Enhancements to Java, Snowflake, Informatica PowerCenter, Talend, and Amazon

Release 34 brings major improvements and enhancements to the existing scanners. Major improvements include:

  • Significant updates to the Java scanner that enable more complete analysis
  • Support for COPY INTO attributes in Snowflake to facilitate even faster data sharing, collaboration, and analysis within and between data teams
  • Greenplum Connector support in Informatica PowerCenter to make sure that the workflows writing to your Greenplum database are not left behind
  • Added tExtractJSONFields and tRESTClient components to the Talend scanner and enabled default wise mapping in case the configuration property is missing

We are also continuing to expand the Amazon portfolio. In this release, we are adding support for Amazon RDS SQL Server and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.

Further Support for Containers—OpenShift and Non-Root Support

With this release, we are adding support for another container orchestration platform—OpenShift. We are constantly working on making our container and cloud architecture faster and safer. And to do so, we are adding container non-root support.

Enhancements to the User Interface

Elevating your MANTA experience is our number one priority. To lower the cost of owning MANTA, we have added progress statistics to the process manager section of the admin UI, which simplifies the monitoring of ongoing scans. You will also find that visualization export columns have been added, and you won’t see the log viewer message anymore. We have also streamlined the implementation and execution of custom workflows so they can be invoked directly. 

New Default Active Tags

Remember our configurable active tags, the feature that allows you to highlight selected nodes in the repository and the lineage visualization? We are adding new default active tags for database primary and foreign keys as well as for significant transformations. Default active tags provide an immediate and deeper overview of critical assets and allow end-users to quickly identify complex transformations in the lineage diagram.

MANTA’s default active tags for database primary and foreign keys

This is just a fraction of what the engineering team has prepared for you. If you are a customer or partner, read the release notes to check what exactly has been added and improved. 

We hope you will find all the new features and the enhancements to existing solutions useful and that they will elevate your MANTA experience. Stay tuned—we are already working on the next release to bring you even more improvements.

Any questions, comments, thoughts? Would you like to schedule a demo and see how MANTA works in real life? Drop us a line at

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