In an era where data is the lifeblood of businesses, ensuring its quality, governance, and integration is crucial. To help tackle these challenges, Manta, a world-class data lineage software, has partnered with Emisha, a leading specialized consulting firm specializing in digital innovation and data management consulting to help customers address their end-to-end data value chain. Together, these two global innovators, will expand their collaborations to provide cutting-edge solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. This partnership aims to empower businesses with advanced data lineage expertise and drive digital transformation initiatives. 

“Emisha’s experts are trusted in the Asia-Pacific region for their ability to address complex data problems,” says Cat Cordeiro, Manta’s Partnerships Manager. “Manta is able to help customers reduce their project costs by as much as 30 percent and is dedicated to helping businesses tap into the value of their data. Together with Emisha, Manta will provide even greater value.” 

Building upon their existing relationship, the expanded partnership aims to offer Emisha's clients access to Manta's advanced data lineage platform. This collaboration will enable businesses to modernize their data systems, migrate critical data to the cloud, automate processes, and implement sophisticated DataOps methods.

“The collaboration between Manta and Emisha is driven by the shared vision of empowering organizations to harness the full potential of their data. By leveraging Manta's data lineage expertise, Emisha's expert team can guide their clients through complex digital transformation projects, ensuring seamless integration and governance of data across their systems” said Vikram Tandon, Co-founder and director of Emisha.

To learn more about the partnership between Manta and Emisha or to become a Manta partner, visit


About Manta

Manta is the world-class automated approach to visualize, optimize, and modernize how data moves through your organization through code-level lineage. Manta automatically scans your data environment with the power of 50+ scanners to build a powerful map of all data pipelines. With Manta, the world’s top companies gain full visibility and control of data pipelines, driving productivity and regaining trust in their data. Visit to learn more.


About Emisha 

Emisha a specialised consulting firm focussing on helping customers manage their end to end data value chain. We provide expert advice and consulting from strategy to execution help customers address complex data problems. Emisha has partnered with some of the best and innovative organisations, combined with its deep consulting skills to help customer de-risk and deliver better ROI out of their data initiatives. Visit to know how we can help support your data transformation journey.

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