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Data Lineage for Governance Solutions

Manta supports other data governance solutions as well. It always works pretty much the same.

Manta scans all the required scripts, stored procedures and other objects from our supported technologies, extracts data lineage and pushes said lineage into third-party data governance solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is data governance vs metadata management?

Metadata management is the administration of system processes that catalog, profile, and manage the data about the data. Data governance brings together the components of your overall data management strategy (database operations, metadata management, data warehousing, etc.), providing a framework of rules and policies to ensure the quality, integrity, and security of your data as it flows throughout the enterprise system.

Data governance, at its core, is establishing trust in data – the quality and sources of data, the integrity and the use of data, and the security of data during the lifecycle of data within the enterprise. Data lineage plays an important role in your data governance framework and overall data management strategy by providing visibility into how data flows throughout your environment as well as transparency in the sourcing, structure, and evolution of your data.  

Manta supports the highest number of native scanners of all the data lineage solutions available on the market. MAantaalso offers a unique Open MANTA solution that allows you to benefit from MANTA’s lineage even when there’s no formal scanner available for the desired technology. Combining those capabilities allows MANTA to scan every nook and cranny of your data ecosystem to harvest accurate and up-to-date data lineage across multiple databases and visualize data flows. 

An invaluable tool for analyzing data dependency is the lineage graph generated by MANTA. You are able to see exactly how each attribute is related to another, how a particular transformation impacts them, or how a particular transformation has affected the data. Knowing the answers to such questions will give you more power and control over dependencies and will enable you to deploy more automated techniques. 


Get to Know Your Data’s Complete Story with Data Lineage

Metadata—data about your data—holds necessary information that helps you unlock valuable insights. Insights that will allow you to fully understand your data and get rid of anecdote-driven decisions and processes once and for all.

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