At this time of year, everybody is making their predictions and forecasts about the next one. And what is going to happen with Manta Tools? Let’s take a look.

“2015 will be about overcoming barriers,” says Chief Developer Lukáš Hermann. “We are planning to introduce Manta Tools to a wider audience and to allow more business-focused users to use it. Also, we are going to support more technologies. Soon, no database will be a problem.”

Our development team is now preparing a new graphic interfacewhich will allow business users to add custom rules to the system. The traditional ways will still be available, but with a growing base of non-technical people, the new approach is necessary. New kinds of business metadata will be introduced to keep up with growing demand.
This “business user” barrier is not the only one we are planning to overcome. The next bullet point on our to-do list is the Manta Checker/Informatica connection:

  • Issue tracker integration (Atlassian‘s JIRA, Mozilla’s BugZilla)
  • Web service capability (Let’s run checks via web service!)
  • Brand new message location system (Allows users to put together messages by location.)

And, last but not least, we will support a whole new technology: Microsoft SQL. By adding the MS SQL dialect we will complete the golden triplet of databases used in data warehouses all around the world.
So that’s 2015 for us. It is going to be all about widening our reach and overcoming barriers to growth. What is your year going to be like? And what would you like us to improve in Manta Tools?
Let us know via email or the contact box on the right. There is still some cool content coming later this year! 

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