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Improving Business Agility and Gaining Market Share with Data Lineage

Join Manrich Kotze, Capitec’s Team Leader of Data Governance, and Gary Allemann, Masterdata’s Managing Director, to see how lineage streamlined Capitec’s intricate data governance initiatives while reducing the complexity of managing assets after an M&A (merger and acquisition) of another retail bank.

Manrich will provide his personal perspective on the impact MANTA has had and the results achieved since. The webinar includes a live demo of MANTA’s unified lineage platform. Tune in to learn:

  • How MANTA’s platform seamlessly supports effective data governance
  • The key business benefits of automated lineage that support business agility and strengthen your competitive advantage
  • What it means to be a business agile organization in 2021
  • How to leverage lineage for ease of use and accessibility—ensuring teams get the data they need when they need it
  • Capitec’s own experience with MANTA followed by a discussion and Q&A