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The Complete Business Case Toolkit

Everything You Need to Explain the Value of Manta to Your Company’s Key Decision Makers 

You know what you need to make your day-to-day work more efficient, and you know that Manta can be a game-changer for your team. You probably already know that Manta can save your business thousands of hours in manual labor. You may have heard that we can also save your business between $2-5 million in the initial phase of implementation alone. 

But sometimes, convincing your senior leadership team to invest in new software can be challenging. If you’re hoping to explain the business value of Manta to your senior leadership team, we’ve got you covered

We’ve compiled our most effective resources and created a toolkit to help you explain:

Icon Checkmark_blue The value of Manta’s automated lineage platform 
Icon Checkmark_blue How we can help set concrete expectations
Icon Checkmark_blue The uses of Manta for different industries and business units 

What’s Inside: 
  • Email template to send your company’s key decision-makers 
  • Choose Your Own Use Case video
  • Sample Business Value Assessment
  • The Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage
  • The Business Benefits of Data Lineage Infographic

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