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Unleash the Full Power of Microsoft SQL Server with Data Lineage from Manta


Manta offers a powerful scanner for the Microsoft SQL Server technology. Once configured, Manta can automatically connect to the MS SQL resource for extracting and analyzing the pertinent metadata within the selected databases. This metadata includes but is not limited to tables, views, indexes, SQL procedures, schemas, databases, columns, and triggers. Then, Manta can parse all the SQL programming code and logic stored within. This allows Manta to generate lineage down to the column level while showing all transformation logic associated with individual column elements.

In most organizations, the process of maintaining the integrity of data can be extremely complex as it moves from external sources into data warehouses and out to reporting tools and data marts. Manta’s ability to accurately represent end-to-end data movement through the Microsoft SQL Server database enables efficient data governance initiatives and successful migration strategies. Manta has historically proven to be an efficient tool in assisting both internal and external audits. With Manta’s lineage, organizations have been able to identify obsolete processes and resources and successfully sunset them, reducing operational costs and maximizing profits.

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Manta Currently Scans:

Icon Checkmark_blueData Dictionaries

Icon Checkmark_blueSQL Scripts

Icon Checkmark_blueT-SQL Scripts

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Stored Procedures

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We Support the Full Microsoft Shop:

We are not limited to Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance.  Manta also supports:

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SQL Database

Icon Checkmark_blueSQL Server Integration Services

Icon Checkmark_blueSQL Server Analysis Services

Icon Checkmark_blueSQL Server Reporting Services

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Analytics Platform System

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Azure SQL Database


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data lineage scanner?

A data lineage scanner connects to database repositories, ETL tools, reporting tools, and other types of source technology to document how data flows, transforms, and impacts assets both downstream and upstream as well as where the data is sourced from, making it possible to gain full visibility and control over even the most complex data pipelines.

Can I integrate Manta with my CICD pipeline?
Yes, Manta can be utilized as a component of a CICD pipeline to supplement teams’ development efforts.

How can Manta integrate with my data intelligence? 
You can boost your data intelligence efforts with detailed, accurate, and up-to-date data lineage provided by Manta. Manta has a robust API for developing integrations with data intelligence tools.

Can I integrate Manta with my data privacy tool?
Yes, you can leverage Manta’s comprehensive data lineage to build trust in data, ensure data security, and adjust your data privacy policies. Manta has a robust API for developing integrations with data privacy tools.

Can I integrate Manta with my profiling tool?
You can utilize Manta’s detailed lineage and unique features for data profiling and achieving better data quality. Manta has a robust API for developing integrations with data profiling tools.

How can Manta integrate with my metadata management tool? 
Manta has OOTB connectors to all the major players in the data governance/cataloging space. Manta also can export its repository to consumable formats for unsupported third-party metadata management applications. 

Does Manta work with various ETL orchestrations? 
There will always be technologies on the market that don’t have supported scanners provided by Manta. In order for the lineage from unsupported technologies to be represented in Manta visualization diagrams, Manta provides a framework called Open Manta. The Open Manta framework makes it possible to define and manage lineage generated by unsupported technologies.

When you have a complete overview of all your data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies, you have control of your data assets. You can speak to the accuracy and quality of your data and have confidence in your data information and reports. By giving you a full overview of how your data moves across systems, where it originated, how it transforms along the way, and how it’s interconnected, data lineage can help you to ensure the quality of your data, reinforce your overall data management strategy, and increase trust in your data.

Data lineage helps you tame data complexity and gives you a full overview of how your data moves across systems, including where it originated, how it transforms along the way, and how it’s interconnected. Such an overview will help you boost your data governance efforts, increase overall trust in data, achieve full regulatory compliance, accelerate root cause and impact analyses, roll out our frequent bug-free releases, painlessly migrate to the cloud, and more. 


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Metadata—data about your data—holds necessary information that helps you unlock valuable insights. Insights that will allow you to fully understand your data and get rid of anecdote-driven decisions and processes once and for all.

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