Get a Clear and Comprehensive View of All Your Data Flows

Get an immediate, complete, and comprehensive overview of all your data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies to take control of your data assets. Ensure accurate reporting,  get a clear overview of how crucial calculations were derived, improve your data governance framework to reinforce your overall data management strategy, increase trust in data, and make it a truly enterprise-wide asset.

Key Benefits

Automated Lineage Discovery

Put an end to costly, lengthy, manual processes of lineage collection and updating. Automate them with MANTA and save $5–15M in the initial phase of implementation.

Automated Lineage Discovery

Accuracy with an Added Semantic Layer

Detailed lineage with an added semantic layer means more accurate and timely reports that lay the foundation for more informed decisions and better forecasting without second-guessing.

Accuracy with an Added Semantic Layer

Trust in Data Thanks to Full Transparency

A complete image of end-to-end lineage adjusted to every user’s technical understanding increases data transparency that drives trust in data and empowers all users to use data with confidence.

Trust in Data Thanks to Full Transparency

Full Regulatory Compliance

MANTA provides a complete overview of the regulated data being processed by the organization to meet any regulatory requirements and avoid hefty penalties for non-compliance.

Full Regulatory Compliance

How MANTA Helps


Get complete and comprehensive insight into the data’s sources, connections, transformations, and whereabouts to achieve full data security and CCPA/CPRA compliance.


Automate data lineage collection in the early preparation phase and be ready for Virginia’s new requirements for cybersecurity, data privacy, transparency, protection, and assessment.


Ignoring the right to be forgotten carries a hefty price. Be sure of the personal data you store and know its sources and full history to be GDPR compliant.


Get an accurate and complete image of all the data’s sources and downstream moves to be fully prepared for any government audit.


Easily meet the requirements of generating automated risk data aggregation, reporting, and understanding how crucial risk components were calculated.


Achieve pre- and post-trade transparency with automated data lineage discovery for accurate and up to date reporting.


Ensure accurate documentation and financial reports, quickly detect and report any faults up the chain, and facilitate continuous updates of compliance documentation.

Any Data-Related Regulation

No matter what data regulations your organization is required to comply with, MANTA is here to give you a complete picture of all your data flows and how critical calculations were derived.

Who do we help?

Compliance Department

  • Better data documentation
  • Full compliance with data-related regulations
  • More informed, faster business decision-making
Compliance Department

Quality Assurance

  • Trusted reporting fueling the decision-making process
  • Complete overview of all data sources
  • Automated data mapping
Quality Assurance

Risk Management Department

  • Complete visibility of PII data flows, their sources, and their transformations
  • Early data breach detection
  • Speed up handling subject access requests
Risk Management Department

Anyone dealing with data-related issues

It’s not about names of departments or professional titles, it’s solid data governance that matters.
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Anyone dealing with data-related issues
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