New capabilities include migration to the Neo4j Graph Database, improvements to the Oracle Business Intelligence Scanner, and more.

Таmpa, FL, April 13, 2022 – Data lineage platform MANTA today announced the launch of Release 36, offering major enhancements to its industry leading data lineage platform. Key new features and integrations give customers even deeper visibility into the most complex aspects of their data pipelines.

With Release 36, MANTA has migrated to the Neo4j Graph Database, offering better performance and scaling and building on the companies’ partnership for over a year. MANTA chose Neo4j as the market leading graph database whose high-performance distributed cluster architecture scales with customers’ data, improving retrieval and rendering performance as well as the graphical user interface.

“As the volume and complexity of data grow, Neo4j customers require increased visibility into the data infrastructure of their graph-powered applications, automation, machine learning, and predictive models,” said Matt Connon, VP of Global Indirect Sales at Neo4j. “As larger, more complex, highly distributed data sets are migrated to Neo4j, practitioners must scale and react quickly, without compromising trust. We applaud the release of MANTA Release 36 as a means to ensure they are able to maintain visibility into their data pipelines for current and future needs.”

Release 36 also improves the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Scanner to enrich MANTA’s data lineage visualization. The scanner automatically extracts all reports, analyses, and dashboards for creating detailed visualizations with Oracle’s business intelligence tool. MANTA is pleased to now be providing improved support for this key platform within its broad portfolio of reporting and analysis scanners.

“Our engineering team has been adding new technologies, capabilities, and enhancements to MANTA for Release 36 so customers can make faster progress in their data lineage goals and projects,” said Ernie Ostic, MANTA’s SVP of Products. “Awareness is growing among organizations who see the urgency in improving visibility into complex pipelines and uncovering data blindspots. This new MANTA release helps them gain the context and visibility they need to proactively avoid incidents, protect their business, and make better data-driven decisions.”

MANTA has also made several enhancements to the lineage platform’s visualization parameters, including a “Low” detail level giving users a big-picture view of their top-level database systems. Release 36 also includes an updated flow display feature to deliver expanded information about indirect lineage objects.

Account users can now download Release 36 via the MANTA Portal. For more information, visit MANTA’s blog.


MANTA is a world-class data lineage platform that helps fix your blind spots and offers a line of sight into your data environment. By automatically scanning your data environment, MANTA builds a powerful map of all data flows and delivers it through a native UI and other channels to both technical and non-technical users. With MANTA, everyone gets full visibility and control of their data pipeline. Visit to learn how MANTA can help your company leverage data as a true corporate asset.



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