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Manta + IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Manta Automated Data Lineage for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is available to clients who are using IBM’s data fabric solution for data governance and privacy.

This integration enables such clients to add Manta’s capabilities for historical, indirect, and technical data lineage to the IBM Knowledge Catalog in IBM Cloud Pak for Data, helping them perform effective impact and root cause analyses, meet common regulatory compliance standards, and gain deeper insights into data quality issues.

Integrated with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Manta offers a full overview of an organization’s data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies, helping to support data governance and enable informed, data-driven decisions.

Customers have the tools they need to harness the power of their data. The result: customers are equipped to adapt quickly to changing needs; address challenges as they occur; make informed, data-driven decisions; and capture new opportunities as their business evolves.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you establish data lineage?

The ways in which each tool establishes data lineage are different. There is a need for technology-specific scanners to parse code (like stored procedures, ETL job definitions, etc.) and identify the structure and movement of information throughout a customer’s ecosystem.

Data governance, at its core, is establishing trust in data – the quality and sources of data, the integrity and the use of data, and the security of data during the lifecycle of data within the enterprise. Data lineage plays an important role in your data governance framework and overall data management strategy by providing visibility into how data flows throughout your environment as well as transparency in the sourcing, structure, and evolution of your data.  

When you have a complete overview of all your data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies, you have control of your data assets. You can speak to the accuracy and quality of your data and have confidence in your data information and reports. By giving you a full overview of how your data moves across systems, where it originated, how it transforms along the way, and how it’s interconnected, data lineage can help you to ensure the quality of your data, reinforce your overall data management strategy, and increase trust in your data.


Get to Know Your Data’s Complete Story with Data Lineage

Metadata—data about your data—holds necessary information that helps you unlock valuable insights. Insights that will allow you to fully understand your data and get rid of anecdote-driven decisions and processes once and for all.

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