MANTA’s lineage platform makes data consumers’ lives easier every day. Accelerating development, speeding up impact and root cause analyses, bringing non-technical users to the fold, and enhancing data governance projects are our bread and butter. It’s a lot on one platform’s plate, but trust us—we know what we are doing! And if you are wondering what and who it takes to make MANTA magic happen in an organization, you should check out our latest addition to the MANTA PortalMANTA Campus—the place where both IT admins and our platform end users will find trainings that shed some light on how to work with MANTA.

MANTA Campus—Online Training Platform

Everything you need to start using MANTA to the fullest is waiting for you on Campus. A variety of both live and on-demand courses will broaden your knowledge about MANTA and how to benefit from it in your environment. Each course comes with downloadable learning materials so you can go through them at your own pace. You will also see MANTA in action—there’s no better way to learn than practice. After completing a training course, you will not only be equipped with knowledge but you will also get a badge you can share on your LinkedIn profile. What can you already look forward to?

End User Training

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Once MANTA is installed in your environment, it’s time to dive into the MANTA interface and repository and learn how to work with MANTA every day. That’s exactly what our End User Training is for! All possible end users, whether they are business or IT professionals, should do this course to learn what visualization parameters are available in MANTA to fine-tune the visualization diagram, how data objects are represented in MANTA, and how to navigate, filter, and customize lineage. You will also attain a better understanding of transformation expressions and MANTA’s technical impact analysis. You will get to know how to export lineage and how to leverage MANTA revisions and the revision comparison functionality.

IT Admin Training

Our IT Admin Training is an absolute must-do before you start using MANTA in your environment. As you have probably already noticed—IT administrators should get their hands on it. The training covers an introduction to MANTA and its principles, overall deployment, and installation processes. You will also learn how to upgrade MANTA, which associated Apache Tomcat services are required for installation, how to schedule scans, and what MANTA repository dump functionality is, and we’ll conclude with maintenance procedures and important troubleshooting tips. Treat this training as setting MANTA in motion before you start benefiting from using our platform. And once everything is ready, you can take off and start your journey with MANTA.

Coming Soon: Metadata Operations Training, Advanced Tracks

We are currently working on adding more courses to help you and your colleagues use MANTA to its full potential without spending time figuring it out on your own. After all, that’s what we are all about—enabling self-service and allowing you to spend your precious time on your actual tasks, not on everything else surrounding them. What’s waiting in the wings? Metadata Operations Training focusing on the topics that relate to metadata operations. We are also working on advanced tracks for IT Admin Training and End User Training—stay tuned!

Please note that only registered users can enter MANTA Campus. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here.

Already completed a MANTA training? We would love to get your feedback! Drop us a line at and let us know what you think.

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