It can be hard to keep up with the technological changes and advancements happening every day. But if you have a commute, lunch break, or a few minutes while you’re washing dishes in the evening, podcasting offers an excellent medium for IT, DevOps, and DataOps teams to keep up with the latest trends, tools, and insights. With each new episode, data engineers, analysts, scientists, etc., share fresh experiences and perspectives. We’ve compiled a list of 10 data podcasts for DataOps, describing the key topics that each podcast explores. These podcasts can act as a starting point for data teams to understand data operations and data management better.

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About Our Favorite Data Podcasts for Data Operations: How We Chose This Top 10 List

DataOps is a rapidly evolving field, and its principles and practices continue to advance as organizations develop new ways of extracting value from data. As such, in this list of data podcasts for DataOps, we have included those podcasts that discuss the most recent developments in the world of data. 

1) AgileData

With over 40 episodes, the AgileData podcast discusses how data teams can use data patterns, agile, and products to create solid principles and practices that end recurring data problems. 

It is hosted by Shane Gibson, the founder of, who also co-hosts the No Nonsense Agile Podcast. This is a great starting point for data teams who want to learn how to apply data patterns, agile, and data products in the data domain. Plus, you can hear from Manta’s CEO, Tomas Kratky, who appeared as a guest on the podcast! 

2) DataKitchen

The DataKitchen podcast features interviews in which DataKitchen CEO Christopher Bergh, often known as the “Father of DataOps”, has shared data knowledge at industry conferences and media outlets. As an expert in DataOps, he shares experiences on how data engineers and data scientists can implement DataOps successfully and improve performance. 

In over 20 episodes, the DataKitchen podcast introduces and delves deep into DataOps and its relation with DevOps and machine learning operations (MLOps).

3) TrueDataOps Podcast 

Kent Graziano hosts the TrueDataOps Podcast and has recorded almost 20 episodes, discussing DataOps principles, best practices for data management and governance, and innovative approaches steering DataOps into maturity. The podcast interviews innovators, business leaders, and pioneer user organizations on the technical aspects of implementing a successful DataOps approach.

With data and data engineering changing immensely, this podcast aims to keep you updated on the current state of data today, data governance, accuracy, the challenges of data modernization, and the future of DataOps. 

4) DataOps Podcast 

The DataOps Podcast, hosted by Banjo Obayomi and Victoria Gudio, explores various aspects of DataOps, data management, and related topics. With the big data revolution today, a DevOps mindset is required to manage the data, build analytics, and derive business value from the data. 

Past episodes of this podcast have delved into how to efficiently move databases to the cloud, build intelligent databases, ensure data quality and ethics, overcome data management challenges, leverage data integration tools in modern data operations, etc.

5) Data Engineering Podcast 

Data Engineering Podcast is a podcast series by Tobias Macey. It started in 2017 and has over 390 recorded episodes discussing data engineering. It offers knowledge and practical advice to data engineers, helping them navigate data engineering complexities and stay updated on the latest developments.

The key topics for this data podcast for DataOps are data products and the techniques and challenges associated with data engineering. Other topics covered relate to workflows, databases, data manipulation, and automation.

6) DataFramed 

DataFramed is a weekly show exploring the modern data science framework and its transformative role in today's data world. Co-hosts Richie Cotton and Adel Nehme hold conversations with data and artificial intelligence practitioners from the data industry and academia on their experiences leading data teams and shaping data modernization and transformation. 

Topics covered include machine learning, data leadership, data democratization, and the latest data trends and insights, with over 150 episodes recorded. 7) Data Radicals 

Data Radicals is a technology and business podcast demonstrating how data enthusiasts can promote data culture and change how people think and use data in their work. It is sponsored by Alation and hosted by Satyen Sangani. Guests are founders, writers, data analysts, analytics leaders, and academics who share their approaches to using data to solve world problems. 

Data governance, data storytelling, big data, knowledge graphs, modern data stack, data mesh, data accuracy, data privacy, AI/ML, and automation are the main topics of this podcast. 

8) The Data Skeptic 

The Data Skeptic is a data podcast about statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and data-driven decision-making. Kyle Polich hosts this weekly podcast and aims to cover one theme in-depth, which may take several months, before moving on to the next one. It has more than 498 recorded episodes. 

Specifically, this data podcast for DataOps delves deep into topics such as large language models (LLMs), advertising technology, natural language processing (NLP), unsupervised learning, fake news, and time series.

9) Forward Thinking Data Podcast 

Forward Thinking Data Podcast explores global economic trends and future-shaping topics such as technology, AI, urbanization, globalization, and climate change. Janet Bush and Michael Chui of the McKinsey Global Institute are the hosts of this podcast.

In the data industry, this podcast covers various artificial intelligence topics like generative AI, bias in AI, and the impact of AI and data analytics. DataOps enthusiasts can expect to learn about how automation will affect the future of work.  

10) The Digital Analytics Power Hour 

The Digital Analytics Power Hour, led by Jim Cain, Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, Val Kroll, and Julie Hoyer, holds discussions, occasionally with an invited guest, on digital analytics topics. 

This data podcast is a valuable resource for data engineers, data scientists, and data teams to learn about governance, data privacy, statistics, digital marketing analytics, career development, managing teams, and data industry trends.

Discover More Resources For DataOps 

Our top datapodcasts for DataOps are a starting point. There are many other resourceful books, speeches, and TED talks for data teams to explore more about DevOps. 

Below are some notable DataOps books.  

Some noteworthy TED talks you should check include: 

You can also take a look at the various thought leaders who have contributed to promoting the concept of DataOps. These thought leaders include Lenny Liebmann, Andy Palmer, Christopher Bergh, and Steph Locke

If you just can’t get enough, you can also listen to this podcast where Manta’s SVP of products, Ernie Ostic, explores the impact of data lineage on DataOps. Or you can watch the replay of our a webinar with Manta’s Jan Ulrych, who talks about leveraging Manta to achieve DataOps.

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