New reseller partnership provides complete, accurate technical metadata quickly and cost effectively to reduce data risks, increase agility and trust, and ensure compliance.

Master Data Management (MDM) and MANTA today announced a partnership agreement. The new reseller partnership allows MDM to resell, implement and support MANTA’s software to automatically scan, document and visualise data lineage across many different technologies – including databases, ETL tools, reporting and analytics platforms, and modelling tools.

Data lineage tracks the origins of data, how it moves through the enterprise, and how it changes over time.  This is essential to understand the impact of changes to systems, deliver trusted reporting and to meet compliance objectives.

MANTA improves the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, and automation of most data governance solutions. MANTA scans databases, ETL scripts and reporting platforms to automatically and quickly gather metadata and extract data processing logic. This technical metadata is then visualised in MANTA Flow, or pushed to a third-party data governance tool such as Collibra.

“The partnership with MANTA extends our value proposition to support the automated harvesting of hard to reach technical metadata” says Gary Allemann, MD at MDM. “We have been impressed by how quickly MANTA can be deployed and start to deliver value. At one mutual client we were able to connect to multiple sources including Microsoft SSIS and Microsoft SSRS within a few days and deliver technical metadata into Collibra.”

This ability to automatically harvest metadata saves the customer hundreds of hours of manual effort, and ensures that technical lineage that they need for compliance stays up to date.

“We are specialising in helping our customers manage their data flows properly and making sure their digital transformation and modernisation projects go smoothly and efficiently,” says Tomas Kratky, CEO of MANTA. “Our partnership allows us to provide Master Data Management’s customers with hard-to-get, yet critical metadata in an automated way. MDM is our first partner in South Africa and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve new customers under our new partner’s wing.”

Going forward MANTA’s technology, will enable MDM’s customers to consolidate technical metadata and deliver trusted reporting; will provide comprehensive insights on the impact of alterations and updating of IT systems; and will help clients to meet their compliance goals.

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