We have our first customer in Germany – and it’s the most famous beaver in Europe!

Germany is one of the most promising markets for us in the EMEA region (along with the rest of Western Europe), and we have pushed strongly there to parallel our expansion to the United States. We have managed to get a few experienced partners in Germany, and to attend the TDWI conference in Munich, and our joint efforts have paid off.

At the end of the summer, we signed up our first customer in Germany: OBI, the biggest DIY retail store in Europe and the third largest on the entire planet. We were happy to provide them with MANTA for Teradata, capable of analyzing all the data flows in their whole Teradata-based environment, and our own end-to-end data lineage visualization (that you can try for yourself in our demo center).

“When I first talked to my team, in the beginning of 2015, about Germany being one of the top target markets for us, I believed we would be able to close the first deal there before the end of the year,” says Tomas Kratky, CEO of MANTA. “We slowly built a network of hard-working sales reps and enthusiastic partners, started targeted marketing campaigns, and voilà, we closed the first deal by the end of this year’s sunny summer. And our task is simple – to get more customers and to get them fast.”

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