A few weeks ago, together with our partner Ataccama, we hosted a webinar on enhancing data management by using MANTA’s unified lineage directly in Ataccama’s AI-powered augmented data management platform, Ataccama ONE.

It was a fantastic experience—the session allowed us to showcase our solutions to both Ataccama and MANTA users, and to shed some light on the benefits of the integration.

We were beyond thrilled to see how many of you joined us and how many insightful questions we received throughout the webinar. It takes two to tango, though—having both David Kolinek, Ataccama’s Product Owner, and Ernie Ostic, MANTA’s SVP of Products, allowed us to cover the topic thoroughly, and answer all the questions.

If you missed the date, don’t worry—you can watch the recording here. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter so you won’t miss future webinars.

How did you like the webinar? Let us know at manta@getmanta.com. Are you interested in becoming a partner? Get in touch here.

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