It’s been a couple months since we’ve released a new version of MANTA Tools. And now, another release is here. So, what’s new?
The coolest new feature is certainly the new visualization for MANTA Flow. There are some tools on the market that can help you visualize metadata flow in your metadata repository, but MANTA pushed a little further this time. Feel free to check out screenshots of the new visualization below. And stay tuned in for video, which will come up on your screens next week.
vizu screens
We’ve also completely redesigned the metadata repository (check out our benchmarks to follow up on database selection process). This release is also about Oracle technology. MANTA Flow now fully supports PL/SQL scripts with a new generation parser and a new data flow analysis, which allows us to support procedural statements.
vizu screens3
MANTA Checker
Checker is ready for Informatica PowerCenter‘s parameter files. That’s a big one – this new feature has greatly widened options for checking, because it allows you to detect errors in external parameter config files.You can use your parameter files storage or put them in directly. From now on you can be sure that all of your connected Informatica workflows are fully understood and thoroughly checked.
We’ve also added a new export option. JUnit support was a higly requested one – our customers wanted to connect those reports to their continuous integration. And, again, some Oracle news – Checker is ready for adding new rules now and its development continues.
That’s it for today, folks. In the next release coming in a few months, we’ll introduce a new connection between MANTA Checker and MANTA Flow. We are also planning to run a live demo of Flow. Just a reminder, you can already try Checker live with our sample scripts or even your own.
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